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Youth Sports Safety Month - How to Avoid Overuse Injuries

Youth Sports Safety Month - How to Avoid Overuse Injuries

April is Youth Sports Safety Month and sports medicine specialist Thomas Merchant, M.D., with Sutter Independent Physicians, wants to spread the word on avoiding sports injuries. Dr. Merchant treats sports injuries on young athletes year round. He says overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school students.

A common story might sound like this: A 13-year-old boy participates in baseball games and practices 12 months of the year, plays on travel teams, the local park’s little league team and then throws balls in his own backyard most nights. Then due to the prolonged, repetitive stresses on his body, he suffers an arm injury that sidelines him for the season or longer, and keeps him off the field he loves and away from his social system.

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Try a New Grain (or two!)

WEEKLY CHALLENGE:  Try a New Grain (or two!)


2013 Weekly Challenge #11: Try a new grain (or two)   Eating healthy, fiber-rich grains is a great way to improve your diet. Not only are they delicious and good for you, but whole grains also make you feel more satisfied and stick with you a lot longer.

Sutter Dietitian Tasks Patients to Take Action in National Nutrition Month

Sutter Dietitian Tasks Patients to Take Action in National Nutrition Month

One in three adults is obese in America and Sutter Health registered dietitians are taking advantage of national nutrition month to raise awareness of the many strategies to combat the obesity epidemic.

“You can reach healthy weight goals by making gradual, healthy and reasonable changes in your eating and activity,” said Debbie Lucas, Registered Dietitian with Sutter Options for Success, one of the medical weight loss programs in the new Sutter Weight Management Institute.

In order to lose weight it is important to eat a healthy diet. What does that mean? “Eating less fat and fewer calories than what you are currently taking in.” says Lucas. “There are three ways to do it: eat high-fat, high-calorie foods less often, or in smaller amounts, or eat  lower-fat, lower-calorie foods instead.”

She says being physically active must be a priority.

Sutter Doctor Among First in US to be Accredited in Obesity Medicine

Sutter Doctor Among First in US to be Accredited in Obesity Medicine

 The American Board of Obesity Medicine conducted the first obesity medicine certification examination in Nov. 2012.  John Hernried, M.D., medical director for the Sutter Weight Management Institute, is one of 226 physicians across the U.S. who is now board certified in obesity medicine.

 “With more than 30 percent of the U.S. adult population obese, no field of medicine is immune from the complications associated with obesity. Physicians certified in Obesity Medicine are able to positively impact all systems of the body by incorporating weight management in their traditional models of medical practice,” says Dana Rasis Brittan, Executive Director of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

 As obesity becomes a more prevalent social issue, it also becomes a more pertinent issue for physicians and health care. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese.

SCUSD School Readiness Fair March 16

SCUSD School Readiness Fair March 16

Sacramento-- Save the date on Saturday, March 16, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to visit SCUSD's 2013 School Readiness Fair at the Serna Center, 5735 47th Avenue.

And it's FREE.

Information and services available are:

  • Dental Exams and Tooth Varnishing; 
  • Activities for Children;
  • Health Insurance Information;
  • Community Resources;
  • Kindergarten and Preschool Pre-Registration; and
  • Information on Early Childhood Education and Subsidized Childcare Programs.

Sponsored by First 5 Sacramento, this year's fair promises to be both informative for parents and fun for children!

For more information, please call 643-7859 for English or 643-7858 for Spanish.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you receive a postcard in the mail about this event, please bring the postcard to the fair  and receive a FREE BOOK!