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Faux Churros with Mexican Chocolate Sauce | Food & Drink

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Faux Churros with Mexican Chocolate Sauce
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Faux Churros with Mexican Chocolate Sauce


If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen the (not very pretty) Iphone photo I posted of 2 wannabe churros the other night. I tried folding tortillas in two different ways to make faux churros, and asked people to vote for the best imitation. From an overhead angle, the overwhelming loser apparently looked a lot like a sugared potato wedge. While I love making creative desserts, I promise I’d never make a sugared potato wedge!

But let me back up a little, and tell you more about the story of these faux churros. Mission Foods sent me some of their new Super Soft Tortillas to try out and create a recipe for a contest they’re hosting. I can’t pass up a tortilla, especially that one that claims to be “super soft.” One of my pet peeves is tortillas that rip and tear as you’re trying to fold and bend them. Not these though – as Mission said, “bend it, fold it, try it,” and they’re not kidding. I froze mine to keep them fresh until I wanted to use them, and I pulled one right out of the freezer and was actually able to fold it without it breaking!


With such a flexible canvas, I didn’t want to make something that didn’t involve some major folding. I kept thinking of delicious sweet things involving tortillas, like dessert quesadillas or cinnamon sugar chips, but nothing seemed right. Then cinnamon sugar made me think of churros…and why not a faux churro?! Imitating the ridges of a churro involves lots of folding, taking full advantage of the flexibility of the super soft tortillas.

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